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Drawings for Colouring: BEARS adult colouring book features eight original illustrations by artist Dean Drever and will provide hundreds of hours of colouring!

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Wilf Perreault: In the Alley/ Dans la Ruelle Review

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Wilf Perreault’s first major catalogue, In the Alley/Dans la Ruelle was recently reviewed by Robyn G. Peterson for the Gazette. The catalogue accompanied Perreault’s forty-year career retrospective exhibition, which traveled from the Mackenzie Art Gallery to the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie earlier this year. The exhibition is on view at the AGGP now and runs until November 1st, 2015.

Wilf Perreault: In the Alley/ Dans la Ruelle is available for sale at the Douglas Udell Gallery Edmonton.


The artistic heritage of Canada, our nearest international neighbour, is diverse and unique. Its historic trajectory occasionally resembles the growth and development of art in the U.S. (European and indigenous); yet, few Americans claim any knowledge of Canadian art. Pick up a copy of “Wilf Perreault: In the Alley/Dans la Ruelle” and allow yourself to change that situation.

The handsome bilingual (English/French) volume, beautifully designed and printed, captures the life’s work of a mature Saskatchewan artist of francophone origin. There are 12 contributors, testimony to the level of appreciation for Perreault’s work in Canada. Poets share their own work inspired by Perreault’s art. One essayist delves into Perreault’s craft processes (his master of the unforgiving watercolor medium). Other essays trace his biography. All are highly readable.

Perreault’s work rewards the casual observer of art with its apparent accessibility, wealth of details and pungent colors. For the serious art aficionado, the work prompts contemplation of topics ranging from the true character of ‘national’ art to pinning down the differences between realism and abstraction.

Read the rest of the review here.

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Ann Kipling: Solitudes of Place

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Since 1960, drawing has been the sole form of expression of British Columbia-based artist Ann Kipling. This publication chronicles one calendar year (2009) during which time Kipling produced 141 drawings, each magnificently illustrated here. While Kipling's work is centred upon the outdoors, "landscape" is not a word that can be easily used to describe her work. Robin Laurence examines Kipling's attentiveness to the environment that recalls Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy. Darrin Martens pursues the philosophical investigation with a call to look beyond representation to a process that embodies the very act of creation. Rosemarie Tovell explores Kipling's practice as a draftsperson, situating it within the historical and aesthetic context of an often misunderstood discipline.

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Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas Red: A Haida Manga

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Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas is a visual artist, storyteller and public speaker. Born and raised on the North Pacific Islands of Haida Gwaii, he melds his cultural and political experiences as an indigenous person with contemporary graphic literature to produce a unique genre called Haida Manga. In a decade-long artistic career, he has exhibited in prominent institutions in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Bonn, England, Korea and Canada. Yahglanaas is also published in multiple languages and in countries as diverse as Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Spain, Serbia, France, Canada and the US. His books include Flight of the Hummingbird, A Tale of Two Shamans and Hachidori, a bestseller in Jpan. He lives in Canada with his wife and daughter, close to the Two Sisters mountains on an island in the Salish Sea.
Referencing a classic Haida oral narrative, this stunning full-colour graphic novel documents the powerful story of Red, a leader so blinded by revenge that he leads his community to the brink of war and destruction.
Red is the prideful leader of a small village in the islands of the Northwest Coast of British Columbia. His Sister was abducted years ago by a band of raiders. Wen news comes that his sister has been spotted in a nearby village, Red sets out to rescue her and exact revenge on her captors.
Consisting of 108 pages of hand painted illustrations, Red is a ground breaking mix of Haida imagery and Japanese manga, tragic and timeless, it is reminiscent of such classic stories as Oedipus Rex and Macbeth. Red is an action-packed and dazzling graphic novel that is also a cautionary tale about the devastating effects of rage and retribution.

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Postcard Fictions: Paintings by Andrew Valko

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Since the 1930s, the friendly glow of a neon motel "vacancy" sign has signaled a long anticipated break for the road weary motorist. The essential aim of the motel is to provide convenient, comfortable and affordable accommodation for exhausted travelers. Yet, despite their image as places of wholesome reliability, run by proprietors of strong moral fiber -- with a courtesy bible in each room -- motels have earned a reputation as the venue of choice for people seeking a discreet rendezvous. With advertisements declaring the availability of "hourly rates," J. Edgar Hoover, in 1940, labeled motels as "dens of vice and corruption."

In Postcard Fictions, Andrew Valko captures this seamier side of motel life in vivid detail. This series of paintings, hyper realistic images of motels glow and beckon eerily from the side of the highway. In Valko's motel rooms, people are engaged in various solitary activities: a scantily clad woman watches television while her companion sleeps; another woman takes nude pictures of herself, scattering polaroids all over the bed; still another woman sits in her lingerie with her back to the viewer as she watches Snow White on the television. A disturbing psychological undercurrent inhabits Valko's motels both inside and out.

The alienation and loneliness of Valko's paintings is captured strikingly in the accompanying short story by Michelle Berry. Known for her complex psychological narratives, Berry weaves a disturbing tale of two young motel inhabitants and the unsettling events of their one night together. Like most of her writing, Berry’s story perfectly captures the loneliness and isolation of those estranged from their hopes and dreams.

Postcard Fictions is a haunting trip down an unfamiliar highway. The work of Valko and Berry leaves a lingering impression after the long journey is over.

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Abelardo Morell: The Universe Next Door

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Over the past twenty-five years, Abelardo Morell has earned international praise for his images that use the language of photography to explore visual surprise and wonder. Born in Havana, Cuba, Morell came to the United States as a teenager in 1962 and later studied photography, earning an MFA from Yale University. He gained attention for intimate, black-and-white pictures of domestic objects from a child’s point of view, inspired by the birth of his son in 1986, as well as images in which he turns a room into a giant camera obscura, projecting exterior views onto interior spaces; and photographs of books that revel in their sensory materiality.

In more recent years, he has turned to color, exploring the camera obscura with a painterly delight and innovating a tent camera that projects outdoor scenes onto a textured ground. Across his career, Morell has approached photography with remarkable wit and creativity, examining everyday objects with child­like curiosity. The first in-depth treatment in fifteen years, this handsome and important book examines Morell’s career to the present day, including his earlier works in black-and-white and never before published color photographs from the past decade. An essay by Elizabeth Siegel, along with a recent interview with the artist and an illustrated chronology of his life and works, offers a riveting portrait of this contemporary photographer and his ongoing artistic endeavors.

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Joe Fafard by Terrence Heath

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Few contemporary artists have worked in the sheer variety of styles that Joe Fafard has perfected — and won such acclaim for their efforts. Born in 1942 in a remote farming hamlet in Saskatchewan, the idiosyncratic artist early on chose a radically different direction from the prevailing modernistic aesthetic of the early 1960s, boldly exploring new media and new imagery. Gaining fame initially as a ceramic sculptor of oversize animals and people, in the early 1980s he turned to laser-steel and bronze work, along the way adding painting to his repertoire. This dual biography and critical study features a wealth of illustrations from Fafard's long career, generously sampling both the monumental sculptures done as public and private commissions, and the more intimate studies of people and prairie that reside in museums worldwide and in the private collections of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, and others.

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Adam Fuss, Published by Arena Editions

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Adam Fuss has emerged as one of the bold and truly creative artists utilizing photography today. Fuss's photograms clearly break from those of his predecessors Man Ray, Moholy-Nagy and Talbot, and while striking a chord of homage, the images redefine how and what we see in pictures, both viscerally and intellectually. Like an eighteenth-century experimenter, Fuss utilizes organic and raw materials in an unusual approach, revealing spiritual and emotional process. Laid atop the paper for hours, and even days, colorization is recorded with a stroboscopic flash. Live snakes, the entrails of rabbits, eggs, cow liver, sperm, flowers, and stained glass circumscribe the vital, often mysterious energies emitted from these pictures. This book, the first major monograph of the artist's work, makes an important contribution to current discussions of photography's past and the question of its future.

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Dominique Gaucher

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Montreal artist Dominique Gaucher recently released an artist monograph published by Les editions Plein sud and EXPRESSION. Produced as an extension of a two-part exhibition entitled Hybris and Nemesis that the artist showed in early 2012, together they present the two faces of an imaginary world, a world in which human excess incurs the wrath of gods, reminding us of our vulnerability to the forces of nature. The monograph includes six essays from various critics, writers and directors, plus full colour image reproductions and stunning studio shots of Gaucher's large Montreal studio.

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Matthew Pillsbury - City Stages

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City Stages catalogues Matthew Pillsbury's three major projects Screen Lives, Hours and City Stages. Matthew's enigmatic black and white photographs are imaged with 8x10 film and his signature long exposure times. The often blurred effect exposes New York City and other major international cities in their true metropolitan form: amidst rapid urban and social transformation. Stark white light sources amidst Pillsbury's dimmed office interiors observes life as mostly mediated and illuminated by television and computer screens. In City Stages, Matthew renders quiet interiors and hyperenergetic cities with stage-like precision.

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